There can be no greater endeavour than that of serving one's fellow human beings at a time of great need.

Welcome to The Embalming Academy

The William Purves Embalming Academy will strive to offer the highest standard of instruction, with an emphasis on practical embalming. The Academy aims to provide a state of the art learning environment in which its students can benefit from a vast knowledge of modern embalming techniques and modern equipment.

Due to a our main tutor retiring, we are currently not accepting applications for the Embalming Academy, and at this stage we are unsure when we may be able to accept applications in the future.

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Our resident embalmers

Together Martin and Ross have over 40 years of practical embalming experience, having embalmed in excess of 20,000 cases. In addition to this experience they also have an impressive list of specialist courses and affiliations to other organisations.

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